Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I should have gotten vaccinated.

I have the flu. My wife has quarantined me to our bedroom for the last 30-something hours to keep me from infecting her and the baby. I ache. I have a fever. I have intermittent nausea. My boss doesn't want me at work. My wife doesn't want me around her and the kid. The flu sucks.

Get vaccinated.

Lawrence Krauss discusses the modern view of cosmology

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good pizza and good time.

My wife and I attended our first meeting of the Oklahoma City Atheists last night at Hideaway Pizza in OKC. Best pizza in the state. It is a drive for us, but I think we'll be regular members.

Now I'm sitting next to my passed out wife and baby after a long day of teaching high school kids about competitive debate.

I'm dreading judging this year. The value debate topic is on compulsory vaccination. I'm supposed to be dispassionate and let the kids' arguments decide things. That may be hard if one of them busts out some anti-science anti-vaccination rhetoric.