Thursday, August 27, 2009

Growing up godless...


The purpose of this blog is to document my times as a secular parent helping raise a child in a small bible belt town.

I recently quit my oilfield job, in part to get to spend more time with my 11-week-old daughter.

Cute, isn't she? She makes a great iPod holder.

My wife and I are both nonreligious. She's in college training to be an educator, and I just went from one blue collar job to another. I've gone from having about four days off a month, and being gone more nights than not, to being home every night and off every weekend. One of the perks, along with getting to actually spend time with my family, is that I can start blogging again.

What to expect.

I've got all kinds of plans for this blog. Initially, I want to start with a chapter-by-chapter review of Parenting Beyond Belief. Dale McGowan's book is a compilation of essays from various people about a whole variety of topics dealing with raising children as an atheist.

Here is an interview with Dale McGowan from earlier this year (I'd just embed it, but the account doesn't allow). It gives a good idea of the perspective he is coming from and why he put the book together.

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