Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick thoughts and updates...

Yay! Internet again. Had to wait for Dell to mail me a new laptop. Old one took a crap.

Try to post more now.

Almost finished reading Dawkins' new book. Very good. Learning a lot. It is fun coming across a popular science book that is almost entirely new lines of evidence (to me anyway).

Had in interesting discussion with one of my cousins about my non-belief on Thanksgiving. Awkward, but not bad. He's a pretty good guy. Clearly disagrees with me, but isn't going to try to convert me at family functions.

Today I was contacted through facebook by members of an old Christian group I was a member of back when I was in Jr. High. It was surreal. There's going to be a reunion of cast members. First off, it was a basically a one-act play designed to scare teenagers into becoming Christians. At the time, I felt very proud of myself for doing "God's work." Now, I'm just disgusted to think that I might have actually helped steer someone down that road through fear. The play was on par with those awful Hell House travesties that evangelical churches put out every fall as an alternative to haunted houses. The reunion is on New Years Eve. I don't have any interest in going, and besides, I've already got plans that involve significantly more alcohol than would be present there. I'll be sure and toast them.

I called into a regional radio station about Tim Tebow's Bible verse under his eyes during the Florida - Alabama game last weekend. I don't really have a problem with it. I just wanted to hear the host's view on whether a coach would allow a satirical or anti-Chritian paint by a player. I somehow doubt a coach would let a player put "No God" under his eyes in a game. It would be a nightmare for PR and alumni donations. I pointed out the potential hypocrisy and definite liability at any public university. I don't want to see the verses stop. I want to see some smart-ass player try to get away with something like the FSM under his eyes. Probably won't happen, considering the group of me we are discussing, though.

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